laupäev, 11. november 2017



Malta rahvamäng / A Maltese national game  
ngu juhendaja: Mario Mifsund
Mängijad: Gozo College Sannat Primary & Special Unit. 

MÄNGU KÄIK: This is also played in cities where we put a character on the ground with chalk in the shape of an airplane, divided it into seven or nine and more fields. The numbers were written in the fields in which we throw pebbles in a row. At each target, one must bounce down the face on one leg, and pick up the stone back on the beams.

This is similar to the Estonian national game "KEKS" 

Video on valminud rahvusvahelise eTwinning projekti  "100 folk games for Estonian children" raames ja EV 100 kingitusena.