esmaspäev, 25. detsember 2017


Beanbags game

Türgi rahvamäng / Turkeys national game
Teacher: Nurşin AKMAN


1. Each player is entitled to two shots and makes these shots in a row,

2. The game begins with the umpire sign.

3. Shots are made behind the starting line, without line drawing.

4. Shots made by pressing a line or passing through a line, even if they stay in geometric shapes it is considered invalid.

5. The player shoots the bean bags in his hand with the specified targets.

6. If a portion of the bean bag even touches the target line, it is included in the point.
7. In order to evaluate the shot as a point, a part or all of the bag
it must remain in geometric shape.
8. Acquired points are calculated as team points.
9. The bags that do not fall into the target are not evaluated as points,
10. For each bag that does not fall into the playing area, a total of 1 penalty point is deducted.
Note: Any behavior that is not specified in the game rules may
it is the decision of the referees in charge in the case.
1. The shooting bags will be 10 * 20 cm in size.
2. The weight of the shooting bags is 200 gr for grades 1 and 2, 400 gr for grades 3 and 4
It will be.
3. Beans will be placed inside the shooting bags and the mouths of the bags will be firmly connected.

1. Classes 3 meters
2. Classes 4 meters
3. Classes 5 meters