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Open the door / Head of Bezirgan

Türgi rahvamäng / Turkeys national game
Teachers: Tamer Eltut / Tülin Gökçe

This game is played in two stages. Singing game and contention. A line is drawn in the field.
Before the start of the song play, a match is made, two children are selected and they become "Bezirganbaşi". Bezirgânbaşi, they give themselves a name without announcing to their friends. Ex. Take one is Lion, the other becomes Tiger. (Other names like blue-green, apple-pear, etc. can be attached.)
The Bezirganes cross each other, on both sides of the line, hand in hand; They lift their hands up to make "doors". Other children (in line with the line) are arranged in a single row; they become "caravan".
The carvers start to cross the "door" by singing the song "Open the doors Bezirganbaşi". After the last line of the song is said to be "the person behind me is gift for you”. The child is taken prisoner by the bezirgan (holding it in arms) when the child is in the door.
The Bezirgânlar asks the "prisoner" in his ear: "Is it Lion or Tiger?" if the prisoner responds with a lion he pass back to the bezirgan whose name is "Lion", or say Tiger, pass to Tiger side. And start to wait.
The game starts again with a song and a child continues to the same rules until the same time. Bezirgan people take the last child in the same way; they start to count “a Mouse” and they release; the child walks around the "Lion, comes in and enters the door. The Bezirganis say "two mice " this time; the child wanders around the "Tiger" , arrives and enters the door; the teachers say "three mice" and this time they will not release the child; "Lion or Tiger?" they ask him. Whatever the child answers, it goes behind that bezirgan.
Here comes the stage of contention. "Lion" and "Tiger" stand mutually opposite sides of the line, tightly gripping each other's hands. The children behind "Lion" keep each other tightly, each other behind the "Tiger", from each other's hands.
When the teacher says "start", Lions and Tigers begin to pull. If any line breaks, other one is lost.
Caravans: Open Door Bezirganbaşi, ( they say repeteadly)
Bezirgans: What will you give for passing the door?
Caravans: Behind me is a rememberance for you.