Reede, 19. jaanuar 2018


Hey, my two hands

Bulgaaaria rahvamäng / Bulgarian national game
Mängu juhendaja: Boyka Marinova

Game instructions:

'Hey,rachichki'"is a singing game ;the child ,while singing,makes suitable rhythmic movements:first clap hands,then rubs them together as if washing them,then rubs his face with his hands as if washing it,etc.The game is often played with a baby.An adult or an older child sits facing the baby,holds the baby's hands,sings and makes the movements!

Action song in English:

hey,my two hands,here are they,serving me in every way,One is washing the other,Then the two will wash the face.This hand here is left,all right,and the other hand is right.Flap-a,flop-a,my two hands,Pit-a-pat-a,little ones!Let's together,as we sing,Hold our hands and make a ring.Clatter,clatter,rind of hands,This is what we call ring dance!